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Our leading modules and antennas allow us to simplify wireless connectivity, for a vast array of purposes to fit your any need.

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SYNZEN: Your Antenna and RF Testing Solution

Embedded Antenna Solutions: Experience the convenience of standard antenna solutions for seamless wireless communication within your device. Choose from SMD mounted options or the flexibility of FPC + cable.

External Antenna Solutions: Explore a diverse range of external solutions catering to cellular, ISM, and Wi-Fi needs, ensuring optimal connectivity.

RF Testing Services: Trust in our OTA RF testing services to obtain invaluable data, supporting the verification of certification standards and enhancing your design's performance.



Full-spectrum complimentary support, including design checking, testing, and compliance, ensuring project success and satisfaction.

Passive chamber tests

OTA passive chamber testing, delivering concise, detailed antenna characterization reports for optimized wireless performance.

Cellular OTA pre-certification testing

OTA pre-certification testing, ensuring your wireless devices meet industry standards for a successful launch.

Full certification services available

Certification services through approved partners, ensuring seamless compliance and quality assurance.

Hardware Design Services

Free Consultation

All of our services offer a full free consultation to see how best we can help you to bring your product to life. Start by booking your consultation today.

Any stage of your hardware design, whether you are just at the beginning of the design process and have an innovative idea, or have reached a point in the design process where you require expert assistance, we can help.

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Full range of embedded antenna solutions.

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Test Services

Wi-Fi pre-testing and validation. Cellular OTA pre-certification testing for TRP, TIS and RSE. Passive chamber tests

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Design Services

HW design which includes circuit design, PCB layout, and embedded SW/FW development.

Our Services at SYNZEN

Our services encompass Hardware Design, RF and Electronic Design, Embedded Software Design, RF testing, EMI analysis, Prototyping, and OTA test and verification. We provide comprehensive expertise to meet your technological needs.


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Standard and custom antenna solutions for wireless communications internal to your device with SMD mounted or FPC + cable self adhesive options.

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Friday March 2024

Synzen will be introducing CHARON at Embedded World 2024 - Revolutionizing Precision Navigation with Its Cutting-Edge GNSS L1, L2, L5 Front-End Module

Synzen unveils the first in a series of free-to-download OS IoT designs. SYNPLICITY1 is a fully optimised solution suitable for direct integration into all LTE-M / NB-IoT projects.

Friday March 2024

Embedded World Welcomes Synzen's SYNPLICITY 1 – The Free 4G LTE-M / NB-IoT Connectivity Solution

Synzen unveils the first in a series of free-to-download OS IoT designs. SYNPLICITY1 is a fully optimised solution suitable for direct integration into all LTE-M / NB-IoT projects.

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