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  • Hardware Design
  • RF and Electronic Design
  • Embedded Software Design
  • RF testing and EMI analysis
  • Prototyping and low volume manufacturing
  • OTA test and verification

We have experience designing products for many different industries including medical devices. wearables, internet of things (IoT), sports technology, broadcast and wireless communications. 

Whether you have a new design to start or want to update or troubleshoot an existing product Synzen can assist.

Overview of our services


PCB's are the integral part of any electronic product and with today's devices they require more mixed signal integration, and the quality of the design is critical to have a successful product.  There are many factors to consider including understanding the device requirements, BOM selection, costs, electrical and mechanical interfaces and EMC as well as RF functionality. 

  • PCB design (schematic capture and layout)

  • High speed digital and mixed signal design

  • FPGA, CPU, DDR/2/3/4

  • Design for manufacture (DFM)

  • RF design

We are happy to help at any stage of your development process, or take on the whole new project. For a typical product the design cycle is as follows.

  • Requirements

  • Concept/Feasibility study

  • System Engineering

  • Product Design (Electronic, RF, Software, Mechanical)

  • Prototypes

  • Regulatory Compliance or certification

  • Mass Production


We offer services for all aspects of your FW/SW needs.

  • Software Architecture

  • C, C++, Python, Visual C++

  • uCos, eCOS, ThreadX

  • Linux

  • Networking, TCP, UDP, IP, RTSP/RTP

  • Device drivers including USB3.0/2.0/1.0, Video, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN

  • Low power design


OTA RF testing of designs to provide valuable data as well as support for OTA testing for pre-certification tests.

  • Wi-Fi pre-testing and validation
  • Cellular OTA pre-certification testing for TRP, TIS and RSE
  • Passive chamber tests 

Pre-Certification Testing

  • Includes a reduced subset of normal certification tests targeting specific areas. Testing can be customized to target specific customer needs.
  • Fully conforms to the normal certification testing process.
  • Detects common problems and alerts the customer of any need to seek solutions to better prepare for certification.

Data Throughput: Testing to measure achieved data rates of the device under typical network and radio conditions.

Radio Frequency (RF): Testing to measure transmitter and receiver performance of the device under typical network and radio conditions.

GNSS/A-GNSS Receiver Testing: Testing to check the operation of the assisted global navigation satellite system (A-GNSS) within the device. GNSS simulation systems to check the device TTFF and accuracy of the given receiver.

Carrier Aggregation (CA): Pre-certification testing to measure the capability and performance of the device to combine multiple carriers scattered around the LTE spectrum to achieve wider effective bandwidths up to 100 MHz.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Antenna Performance: Pre-certification testing to measure the radiated RF performance of the device’s multiple antennas for all supported bands and technologies under typical network and radio conditions.

Feature Testing: Pre-certification testing to measure the performance of the device under typical network and radio conditions.

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