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Custom Antenna Design vs Commercial Off-The-Shelf

We understand that sometimes you might need a custom antenna design. After all, one size doesn't always fit all, and non-standard solutions are required for some projects.

So while our comprehensive range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) antennas can be seamlessly integrated in most cases, for applications where a standard part cannot meet your requirements, we can support you with a bespoke solution.

We have RF experts, highly-skilled mechanical engineers, and experienced antenna designers for all your support needs throughout the complete development process and into mass production.

With our customized antenna designs, we provide support throughout the life cycle of your product, using a high quality supply chain in Asia without the need to use your own resources.

What's more, our manufacturing partners can guarantee the highest quality production, verification, and certification for your end-product.

“Antennas will play a huge role in the growth of IOT as market growth demands antennas in smaller spaces at lower cost and with increased performance.”
- RCR Wireless News

The demand for smaller, high-performance antennas - able to support a wide range of wireless technologies and multiple frequencies (Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, UWB, and GNSS) - is being driven by customer demand for specific performance that cannot be easily met by COTS solutions.

Choosing the right antenna for your product is a complex process - not just in terms of the design, but in the ability to consistently produce repeatable performance in high volume applications. However, the choice of the right antenna partner is crucial to the successful launch of a wireless product.

At Synzen Precision Technologies, we bring many years of experience in custom antenna design. We focus on the best solution to ensure that every customer enjoys a successful product launch. Our aim is to achieve the following six key design points for our customers:

Synzen's six key custom antenna design points

Custom Antenna Design Experts

Our products are fully supported by a comprehensive and integrated team of experts covering antenna design, mechanical engineering, along with a designated product manager as a single point of contact.

Our experienced design team understand the material challenges that are unique to antenna design and integration and can fully assist in the optimisation of the performance, cost, size, and assembly of the end product.

We have many years of experience in guiding our customers through the various regulatory requirements - from precertification to full network approval - in conjunction with our network certification partners.

Having our design, manufacturing, and mechanical engineers working with your own product team through the full process enables your antenna design to move swiftly and smoothly from concept to full production, saving both time and money.

Next-generation Simulation Tools

Ensuring the best antenna performance and maximising project timelines means using the very latest RF simulation tools.

Our engineers use the latest RF simulation tools

Our designers use a wide variety of state-of-the art design tools to ensure the antenna design is as small as possible whilst meeting the required performance targets focusing on key design parameters including:

  • full 3D radiation pattern measurement
  • gain
  • antenna efficiency
  • optimised antenna feed matching

We can ensure regulatory approvals are all met with the project’s environmental and mechanical requirements.

Fast Prototype Turnaround

Fast sourcing from our local partners in Asia ensures that critical parameters in the design are addressed early in the process - significantly shortening the time to final product release.

We maintain, in house, the very latest 3D printing facilities. This allows us to fabricate 1:1 scale device models to enable a more precise development process and provide valuable data at the early stages of your products design.  

This process helps us to maximise rapid prototype turnaround times.

Onsite Product Verification

Crucial to a successful design and product launch is the ability to measure and verify antenna performance regarding the specified project regulatory requirements.

RF testing equipment such as anechoic chambers provide a controlled environment for measuring an antenna's performance

Using a combination of the very latest onsite test equipment, in conjunction with full global network operator approved testing facilities from our local partner network, allows us to fully characterise key design parameters including:

  • S-parameters (S11,S21,Smith)
  • Efficiency (Linear and CP)
  • Peak gain
  • 3D radiation patterns
  • Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC)
  • Active GNSS testing

This helps us ensure minimum interference from other wireless protocols, thus maintaining the required antenna performance in your device.

From onsite fast pre-compliance to project managed full certification, we can fully test and verify your product all the way through to full network approval.

Custom Antennas by Synzen

Synzen Precison Technology, a custom antenna supplier to many of the world's leading brands, offers cutting-edge turnkey solutions using state-of-the-art design and simulation tools covering frequencies from 100MHz to 77GHz.

The increasing need for ever more diverse commercial and consumer applications has resulted in antenna design becoming even more of a challenge to many manufacturers.

Our extensive RF expertise and years of tried and tested manufacturing experience offer the highest levels of performance, commercial viability and reliability.

Custom antenna design and development kits

Offering full, individually project-managed solutions, let us turbo charge your wireless product development with our complete end-to-end custom antenna design and manufacturing service.

If you have any products or potential projects that may require a custom solution, or just need to know what antenna would be the best fit and how it could be integrated into your device, our team of experienced engineers at Synzen are always more than happy to chat with you. Click here to arrange a free consultation.

Custom Antenna Manufacturer Checklist

  • Make sure you choose an experienced high volume antenna manufacturer - one with a record of success, the ability to seamlessly scale with your requirements, and one with a proven record of high-quality product and process.
  • Repeatable antenna performance in high volume production requires a stable antenna design manufactured using a proven manufacturing process.
  • The best antenna designs are useless if the final product cannot be manufactured with the highest quality at a competitive price.
  • Verify the average product lead time and overhead capacity to ensure you can move forward successfully.
  • Choose a company with multiple manufacturing and test facilities, noting any additional partner agreements and experience in geographical legal practices, if required.

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