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Before designers never had to consider mixed signal designs. Today's products are more complex, and have to be connected to other devices or have an online presence. The results often lead to product failure in the market or failed certification which costs time and money.

At SynZen we have the expertise to overcome this and produce the seamless integration of parts to ensure a robust solution.

Why Taiwan?

Taiwan is fast becoming the world leader in engineering, offering a huge pool of electro-mechanical talent. The educational infrastructure produces an endless supply of highly-skilled, hugely-motivated and customer-focused engineers.

Based in the capital city, Taipei, we can offer your company access to this wealth of expertise and know-how. What's more, our manufacturing partners can guarantee the highest quality production, verification and certification for your end-product.

Overview of our services

Problem solving

We find the solutions best suited for your needs.

RF skills

We are awesome at RF design. Everyone is scared of RF. Not us. We are here to overcome your fears.


We provide support throughout the life cycle of your product, using a high quality supply chain in Asia without the need to use your own resources.

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