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5G FPC Antenna
617 - 960; 1525 - 1660; 1710 - 2200; 2300 - 2400; 2500 - 2690; 3300 - 4200 MHz


Part Number

44 x 15 x 0.2 (mm)

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A compact yet powerful 5G FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) antenna. Redefining size and performance, this small wonder boasts a wide coverage range of 617-4200MHz, delivering the fastest 5G experience ever. Even with its expansive capabilities, it comes in an ultra-compact form, measuring just 44 x 15mm, making it a perfect fit for various devices and applications.


Part Number: SZK-C-3L31

Description: 5G FPC with cable and connector IPEX MHF (U.FL)

• Flexible PCB Antenna using 3M 468 adhesive

• Dimensions: 44 x 15 x 0.2 (mm)

• Cable: 100mm length, 1.13mm diameter

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