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ISM / LoRa Ceramic SMD Antenna


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25 x 25 x 4 (mm)

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ARIEL2 (SZC-N-3M14) by Synzen is ceramic patch antenna tailored for exceptional performance within the 915MHz frequency range. 25x25x4mm. It's an ideal solution for applications demanding a high-performance directive antenna while simultaneously conserving valuable board space.

The ARIEL2 (SZC-N-3M14) stands as the perfect choice for compact fixed wireless applications operating within the 868 MHz ISM band. Its versatility shines in a variety of use cases, including remote instrumentation and RFID applications. Furthermore, it delivers exceptional performance in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) operating at 915 MHz, such as SigFox, allowing users to harness the benefits of low-power, long-range communication capabilities provided by these networks.

It's worth noting that antenna performance may vary depending on the surrounding device environment and ground-plane conditions compared to the specified parameters. To address this variability, Synzen offers custom tuning services tailored to specific device environments and ground planes.

Choose ARIEL2 for a reliable, high-performance antenna solution that excels in a variety of applications. Enhance your connectivity with the support of Synzen custom tuning services and mechanical integration resources, ensuring your wireless communications perform at their best.


Typical Applications

o   Asset Tracking                                    

o   Precision agriculture             

o   Automotive                           

o   Fleet management    

o   Emergency response             


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