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Cellular Antenna CETI

SMD Type

2G Cellular SMD Antenna
1710-1990 MHz



A highly compact yet high-performance solution for embedded design. Synzen have created the optimal solution for 2G/NB-IoT applications that simplify the design in process and allows you to focus on the product. This antenna resonates best paced at the center of the longest PCB edge and produces a near omni directional pattern unlike patch antennas meaning the device orientation is less critical.

• For 2G and NB-IoT Applications 824MHz to 1990MHz

• Covers NB-IoT bands 5 and 8

• Resistant to de-tuning

• Ultra-compact design (only 25mm long)

• Clean resonance with no unwanted out of band response.

• SMD component supplied in Tape and reel

• Ideal for smaller designs.

• Simple design in process

Part Number SZP-C-0C01
Dimensions 25.0 x 10.0 x 3.3 (mm)

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