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GNSS Antenna HYDRA1 / 2

SMD Type

HYDRA1 / 2
SZP-C-1G05 / 1G15
Corner GNSS SMD Antenna
1559 – 1610 MHz

HYDRA1 / 2

HYDRA1 and 2, for the complete GNSS solution. For use internal to a device which requires
an integrated antenna solution. High performance with a small form factor for simple
integration. This antenna resonates best when placed in the corner of the host PCB.

• For GNSS Applications 1559 to 1610MHz

• Corner Mounted

• SMD component supplied in Tape and reel

• High performance comparable to large ceramic patch type

• Ideal for wearable or smaller designs.

• Simple design in with no additional clearance needed

• Suitable for sealing with resin/potting compounds

Part Number SZP-C-1G05 / 1G15
Name HYDRA1 / 2
Dimensions 7.5 x 5.0 x 0.9 (mm)

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